Celebrating Giles Ali’s 5 Years of Service

May 22, 2024
Giles Ali' 5 Years of Service

We highlight a milestone at nFocus as we honor Giles Ali’s five-years of service with us!

Giles has been a member of our team, providing contributions as both an Associate and a permanent employee as a Managing Consultant.

Here’s what Ryan had to say about Giles: “I  was so pleased when Giles agreed to come back to nFocus. I still remember his first day back when he got a custom made nFocus Everton shirt made up! Since then, he has successfully supported a number of our clients through difficult and complex digital transformations. Thank you Giles for how you’ve supported us & our team and look forward to seeing what comes next.”

Read his career journey and insights during his time with us below.

Q1: Can you briefly describe your role and background?

My background has been testing through and through! Even though my first degree was science-based (BSc Microbiology). Since the mid-1990s, I’ve been a Tester; however, I have ‘dabbled’ in Project & Programme Management. As a Managing Consultant, I’ve to wear a lot of different hats; I carry out everything from Test Process Health Checks, to mentoring new Testers, I do Programme Test Management on large undertakings, and I also get involved in technical pre-sales. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades… master of some!! Ha-ha!

Q2: You stepped away from nFocus for a while before re-signing with us (see Everton shirt picture above), what do you remember about re-joining the team?

I may have stepped away briefly from being a permanent employee, but I had done some associate work for nFocus in between. I had always hoped there would be a place back here one day, as it always felt like ‘home’ to me. Although the period of time was relatively short, and from the outside, things may have seemed mostly the same, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

The whole operation, from marketing to delivery, sales and operations, seemed markedly different. All seemed laser-focused on the key strategic drivers that we needed to move with, to take the organisation to the next level. Although a few faces had moved on, the new faces brought in and the old friendly faces from my previous tenure were as welcoming and supportive as ever. I have enjoyed my time back with my work family, and I am loving getting to know all the new employees better. With Ryan James now at the helm, I can only see us continuing to move forward, achieving greater successes year on year.

Q3: What advice would you offer to a new nFocus employee on their first day?

Embrace the wonderful supportive culture fostered by all, from the board members to the MD, the delivery team and the business teams. Feel empowered to speak up, have your say and get involved in all aspects of your work.

Q4: Tell me about the first job you’ve ever held.

My first paid job was working as a Security Steward at Aberystwyth University. This led me to become a Door Attendant in a big pub in the same town. It was a very interesting role (I could bore you with many stories), and it brought out my ‘officious’ side!

Q5: What is the best work advice you ever received?

Don’t set unrealistic timescales, even when under pressure to. If that is compromised, clearly articulate the impact and the risk associated with those decisions.

Q6: Is there a fun or surprising fact about you that most people don’t know?

I’m a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, and am passionate about helping people achieve their full potential, which is why I’m studying for an MSc in Human Resources Management. Another “not many people know this” fact about me is that I am a Rugby Coach. I coach Pontypridd’s Under 7s, and we get to play our home matches at the very famous Sardis Road rugby ground.

Q7: What is your most used emoji when using Teams?

I know this is a bit boring, but it’s probably the laughing emoji and its variants.