Celebrating Amy Corcoran’s 5 Years of Service

June 27, 2024
Montage of Amy Corcoran's time at nFocus

As her 5-year anniversary at nFocus approached on June 18th, our Client Management Lead, Amy Corcoran, took a moment to reflect on her career journey. Balancing motherhood and a career, she shares her gratitude for the opportunities and encouragement she has received along the way.

In her own words, “June 18th marked my 5-year anniversary with nFocus Testing. After spending two years dedicated to being a full-time mom (it’s always full-time, let’s not kid ourselves), I was anxious about returning to the workforce. But I couldn’t have made a better decision. Over these five years, my life has changed immeasurably. That cute little 2-year-old is now a headstrong, sassy 7-year-old who tests me daily!”

Reflecting on the journey, she expressed her gratitude: “Yet, one constant has been the unwavering support from nFocus and especially from Ryan James. Thank you for always being in my corner. Here’s to the next five years!”

Our Managing Director, Ryan James also shared his thoughts: “What a journey we’ve all been on together. Thank you for everything you do to support nFocus. Your energy, creativity, and positive attitude make a huge difference. Here’s to many more fantastic years ahead!”

Q&A with Amy Corcoran 
Q1: Do you remember your first day?

Yes, I was SO excited but also apprehensive after 2 years at home with my young kids. The anticipation of stepping back into a professional environment was exciting, but naturally, I had some concerns about the transition. However, my first day exceeded all expectations; everyone was incredibly welcoming, which made a huge difference. Their warmth and support put me at ease right away, and I found myself getting to grips with things in no time! It felt wonderful to be back and to re-engage with my career in such a positive atmosphere.

Q2: How did your journey with nFocus start?

I was faced with redundancy whilst on maternity leave after having my daughter and I decided I really didn’t want to go back to work full time just yet. So, I had two years off to spend quality time with my young children and to reassess my career goals and aspirations. During this period, I kept an eye on potential opportunities that would allow for a more flexible work-life balance. One day, I came across the nFocus advert and it immediately caught my attention. It seemed like the perfect fit for my skills and the balance I was seeking. I decided to go for it, applied, and was thrilled to be invited for an interview. The process went smoothly, and before I knew it, I had secured the position. The rest, as they say, is history! Joining nFocus has been an incredibly rewarding decision, allowing me to re-enter the workforce in a way that feels right for both my professional growth and personal life.

Q3: What is your favourite work memory?

There are far too many to choose from, but if I had to pick, the socials and nights out with my colleagues are some of my absolute favourites. These socials have been a great opportunity to bond with the team in a relaxed setting and attending awards evenings is always good craic! Highlights have to be picking up awards at both the European Software Testing Awards as well as the UK IT Awards!

Q4: What is your favourite part of this job?

Every day is a new opportunity to meet people! I feel truly fortunate to work for and with such brilliant, supportive and inspiring people and the testing community is just awesome.

Q5: Which coworker never fails to cheer you up and which coworker do you message most? 

Gary never fails to put a smile on my face. His positive energy and his sense of humour can lift anyone’s spirits, no matter how challenging the day has been. As for who I message the most, it’s got to be Ryan. We work very closely together. His insights make him my go-to person for all things work-related.

Q6: What do you like to do for fun outside work?  

I love going to gigs. I recently went to Slam Dunk and Download Festival. I also have a 90s Fest coming up in July! I can’t live without Spotify and even asked my LinkedIn followers for new playlist suggestions. I also enjoy National Trust walks and have decided that 2024 is the year I fully embrace being an “outdoorsy” person. Besides that, I love spending time with my children and seeing them grow up into truly amazing humans!

Q7: What is your favourite thing in your home office?

It has to be my recently upgraded monitor. We went for an Iiyama G-Master 34” curved monitor and it’s amazing!