Covid-19 Business Continuity Update

March 18, 2020

nFocus’ services remain fully operational. We are continually monitoring Government advice and updating our position on a daily basis. The following statement outlines our current position and practices. Our position will be updated as appropriate following any further government announcements.

The Government’s most recent update states, “businesses and workplaces should encourage their employees to work at home, wherever possible” and more generally have recommended the public to minimise contact with others and avoiding public places, restaurants pubs.

With that in mind, and with the protection of our staff as our foremost concern, we will now recommend a Home Working Model wherever possible, from 18/03/2019. This is to ensure that we protect ourselves and others from the Coronavirus.

For our onsite staff, we have asked each employee to check with their client line manager to understand the client’s current approach. Where this approach differs from nFocus’, we will begin a dialogue with the client to understand their position, and where possible, make recommendations to limit risk to client’s staff and our employees.

nFocus have delivered testing services remotely for over 20 years and do not envisage any disruption to the delivery of our services. We have worked with all of our employees to ensure they are able to deliver the same excellent level of service remotely, as they would have done onsite.

We will further communicate and discuss how we are going to work effectively under a new working model as appropriate and let you know when our advice changes.

We would like to highlight the government resources that are available. The most important at this stage include minimising your exposure to the virus and ensure you are aware of the measures to be taken below;

  • If an individual has been diagnosed as positive for COVID19, they must notify their line manager immediately. Line managers must escalate this information to the MD or other Director urgently.
  • People who are concerned that they may have the virus due to their symptoms (in particular fever and any new persistent cough) should self-isolate. The NHS111 online service advice applies. If individuals are well enough to work from home this should be arranged if practical. In all other cases people will need to remain off work for seven calendar days or until their symptoms clear. If people have not recovered after seven days, they will need to contact NHS111 for advice.
  • People with caring responsibilities for family with pre-existing medical conditions that may put them at high risk, should raise this with line managers, so any appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • Maintain regular contact with teams using appropriate technology.
  • Those individuals with others in the same household who have symptoms are to self-isolate or remain at home and continue to work remotely.