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Software Testing for Non-profit Organisations

We are proud to have experience working with a range of leading UK non-profit organisations providing the highest quality software testing to help them ensure they’re connecting with their audience.

Vast domain knowledge

Leveraging comprehensive non-profit software testing services ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of every digital interaction. These services minimise manual efforts and speed up time-to-market, allowing non-profits to concentrate on their core missions while delivering top-quality applications. Your testing partner streamlines testing processes, boosts efficiency, and drives non-profits toward greater digital success.

Our award-winning services

We provide a range of consultancy solutions that will help transform your testing and digitally assure your organisation. These include health checks on your testing and delivery capability, test automation, performance testing, mobile testing, and completely outsourced testing solutions.

Who we’ve worked with

We’re proud to provide testing for Macmillan Cancer Support among many other leading UK non-profit organisations including end of life, elderly support and life saving marine charities. 

High level consultations

Whether you’ve worked with a third party before, or are considering it for the first time, one of nFocus’ high level consultation sessions can help. These sessions are designed to help us learn more about your business, technology stack, team and expertise enabling us to advise if and how we could support you.

Special Rate Card

We have developed a special not-for-profit rate card to help you implement effective software testing services in the most affordable way possible.

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