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Are you struggling to hire SDETs? Our Software Testing Academy graduates are addressing the industrywide shortfall of Test Automation Engineers and are ready to work with businesses like yours.

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The Academy Journey

1. Onboard

We hire the best and brightest graduates, bringing them into our Academy to begin their development into the next generation of skilled SDETs.

2. Accelerate

Our bootcamp accelerates our graduates into proficient SDETs, equipped with the latest skills in automated testing to help bridge the expertise gap in the industry.

3. Deploy

Once trained, our junior SDETs are ready for deployment into your team, bringing enthusiasm, value, and the technical expertise needed to become valuable team members from day one.

The Challenge

Building robust test automation has always been difficult but in recent years, it has been compounded by a scarcity of skills. To understand this further, we interviewed 160 Senior IT decision makers.

The research found that organisations are finding it difficult to recruit technical testers and that more worryingly still, only 32% of organisations have testers that could code. This suggests that the pool of appropriately skilled people to recruit from is small.

We implemented our Software Testing Academy to bridge the shortfall in the marketplace for SDETs.


of organisations have testers that could code


of businesses lack technical testers

Software Testers

Automation Skills Shortage

Do you feel like you’re losing the automated regression testing battle? Are you also finding it hard to recruit technical testers? You are not alone.

We’ve noticed that many organisations are struggling to hire SDETs and having completed their interview questions, they’re finding there are a very small amount of candidates suitable for the role. We polled the industry and found that only 32% of organisations had testers that could code. With 75% of the companies we spoke to working in an iterative methodology, the need for strong Automation Testers is growing and there is not enough of them out there to meet the demand.

Software Testing
Software Testers

The Future of Software Testing

With a shortage of Software Development Engineers in Test and an overheated job market, Technical Testers are as rare as unicorns – and even if you can find them, chances are you’ll have to fight for them with your wallet. At nFocus, we’re addressing this shortage with our Software Testing Academy to bring in the next generation of SDETs.

Our Software Testing Academy Bootcamp

We are selecting the best and brightest graduates and developing them into SDETs through our specifically designed technical testing bootcamp.

Once graduated, they’re ready for immediate placement in your team to help accelerate your automated testing efforts. Providing great value, bucket loads of enthusiasm and the skills you need from day one.

SDET Academy

Client Testimonials

Working with our Software Testing Academy Graduates

“We selected two grads from their January 2022 cadre and, frankly, it has been a wonderful experience. They and we have had great support from the nFocus leadership in the background, guiding and nurturing the SDETs in areas where we are not expert. They’re developing their skills studiously and as well as working effectively, they’ve also thrown themselves enthusiastically into our culture and team-life. I’d recommend the Academy option to any other software house and I fully expect that we’ll be back to nFocus again to bring another one or two SDET graduates through our doors.”

Phil Lowe, Chief Executive Officer, CloudCapcha

“We are now into the 2nd year with nFocus providing two SDET Academy graduates who joined one of our development teams to provide testing services. They have very quickly established themselves as key members of the team, and have been instrumental in developing the teams manual and automated test capabilities, leading to a significant increase in the number of software releases we have been able to make this year, which is already greater than the total number of releases for 2022. nFocus is a fantastic company to work with; professional, flexible, supportive, collaborative and with an in-depth understanding of today’s testing challenges.”

Les Rushworth, Head of Agile, VPS Group

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