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Software Testing for the Legal Sector

nFocus have helped save money and improve quality assurance practices in top 50 law firms as well as technology providers specialising in the law sector.

Domain experience

Having worked with numerous organisations in this sector including projects covering case handling, public facing websites and back office systems. We have a vast amount of experience in the business and technology challenges faced by most legal organisations. We have provided test resource, set up automation approaches and automated test assets for legal firms. For one client in particular, Keoghs, our test automation enables 20 working days of regression testing to be run overnight, every night.

Our award-winning services

We provide a range of consultancy solutions that will help transform testing within your organisation. These include health checks on your testing and delivery capability, test automation, performance testing, UAT, mobile testing and completely outsourced testing solutions.

High level consultations

Whether you’ve worked with a third party before, or are considering it for the first time, one of nFocus’ high level consultation sessions can help. These sessions are designed to help us learn more about your business, technology stack, team and expertise enabling us to advise if and how we could support you.

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Keoghs Test Automation

Regression testing – twenty working days to overnight! Find out how we helped the legal firm Keoghs achieve the equivalent of over £900k of manual testing annually through test automation.

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