A Day of Puzzles, Collaboration and Fun

October 3, 2023
Group photos of the nFocus Team at Escape Live Venue

Birmingham, 03/10/23 – The nFocus team embarked on a team-building adventure at Escape Live, Birmingham’s leading escape room venue. The event was an adrenaline-fuelled test of teamwork and problem-solving.

Greeted by the Escape Live team, the team members were catching up with their colleagues over a cup of coffee/tea while waiting for everyone to arrive. Fuelled up for the day and caffeine in our systems, we were ready to engage our problem-solving skills!

The Escape Live team members had organised a fun itinerary for our team. They kicked off by splitting the group into smaller teams then gave our safety briefs. Teams, formed with a mix of roles, eagerly accepted their mission – to escape from a series of themed rooms within a specified time frame.

The teams were thrust into immersive scenarios, each with its own unique storyline and set of challenges. From decoding cryptic messages to uncovering hidden clues, the team worked together to overcome the hurdles that stood between them and their freedom. Good job that most of us are testers!

The escape rooms culminated in a debriefing session where participants discussed their experiences and had their photos taken.

At lunchtime lively conversations flowed, the team was then treated to a selection of beverages and a lovely buffet. Following the lunch, the energy in the room shifted towards friendly competition as employees gathered around tabletop games. The tabletop games were a fantastic addition to the day. It was great to see everyone’s competitive spirit come to life.

“It was great to meet some more members of the nFocus team and get stuck into some fun tasks with a bit of friendly competition.”, commented Rachel, who joined us as Marketing Lead in May of this year. “Team socials are especially important to us as a largely remote workforce from all over the UK. It’s lovely to see everyone take the time to get together and mix with team members they might not usually get to work with. I’m already looking forward to the next one!”

Here’s to more gatherings and more reasons to celebrate our amazing team!