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We help businesses to test their applications across a huge range of device and OS combinations within our device lab.


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nFocus provide an award-wining approach to support our clients with mobile testing. With a fully stocked lab of real mobile and tablet devices across a huge range of operating systems we are able to test your application across an appropriate matrix to cover your business or consumer users. We can also setup test automation for mobile applications and provide individual test consultants or you can outsource all of your mobile testing to us.

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A device for any occasion

In today’s modern world, the number of mobile, tablet and operating systems that organisations need to support is becoming a real challenge. It is important that your brand experience across all platforms is consistently strong to avoid losing ground to competitors. Often the large combination of multiple operating systems against each device makes purchasing devices impractical and expensive. Across our many clients we have been able to create a device lab to support most requirements. Test automation across mobile devices is also difficult; we have run countless proof of concepts and have a great command of tooling in this area.

Why nFocus are great at it

Mobile testing is one of nFocus’ core strengths. We run multiple managed services from our mobile test lab as well as successfully supporting one of the largest sporting bodies in the world year on year, covering a device and operating system matrix of over 50 combinations. We’ve also setup the mobile test automation approach for one of the UK’s leading news and media outlets. Our work has led to a range of prestigious awards including being the only company to be named Leading Vendor by the European Software Testing Awards on two separate occasions (2016, 2019).

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Case Study


This case study gives real insight into how nFocus supported a company in the Sports and Leisure industry to undertake UAT for a major roll out of 60 brands all with their own website, iOS and Android app.

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