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How a software testing partner can benefit your business

Today’s business challenges and demands mean organisations must optimise their teams to manage most day-to-day needs. Occasions arise where you won’t have enough people to deal with peaks in requirements or where your team won’t have the right expertise to complete the job in hand. Having a partner that understands you and your business will mean these challenges can be overcome quicker keeping you on schedule and within budget.

Graph showing resource peaks and troughs.
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In-house vs outsourced software testing

There are benefits to both, keeping testing in-house or outsourcing it entirely; it all depends on your situation. We’ve worked with hundreds of organisations in both set-ups and can support your existing team, become your outsourced testing team for a specific project or provide testing organisation wide. By being an independent and unbiased partner, we can help you improve your quality assurance.

Some of the areas we can help you with

Digital Transformation

Agile and DevOps


IoT Testing

Manual vs Automated

Whilst manual testing may have been appropriate for waterfall projects, today’s world of iterative development including Agile and DevOps means testing needs to be automated. Test Automation allows organisations to include full regression testing within every sprint enabling continuous integration and continuous quality.

Automated conveyed belt with ticked boxes representing Automated Testing.
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Can we support your chosen development methodology?

In our twenty year history we’ve worked with 150+ organisations across all development methodologies and variants thereof. Our consistently high customer satisfaction comes from not only being able to fit into your methodology but being able to implement testing best practice within it.

Award-winning software testing

Having worked with hundreds of UK organisations, we not only understand best practice but also how to implement it to get the most from your investment. As the longest established independent testing consultancy in the UK, we have been recognised with a range of awards including Leading Vendor from the European Software Testing Awards, a prestigious Worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year and named in Test Magazine’s 20 Leading Providers.

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We can review your existing testing practices and provide a roadmap with recommended actions to take in order to meet your quality objectives.

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