User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We protect our clients’ interests and investment by undertaking thorough User Acceptance Testing of development projects undertaken in-house or by a third party. Our UAT Services are both highly rated and award-winning.


An independent review of the quality of the system


Reduce costs by identifying issues before go-live


A wealth of UAT experts experienced in your sector

Get an independent review of quality

We provide UAT as a service as well as individual members to boost and support your existing team. Our independent expert team have experience in your sector and are effectively able to act as users to assess the quality of the system, raise issues, and accept it on your behalf before go-live. Better still, we also own a lab of mobile and tablet devices to cover the majority of consumer and business users.

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Protecting your investment and reputation

UAT by a specialist third party is valuable for any organisation that have outsourced the development of their system and do not have team members in-house experienced in quality assurance and UAT. We’re also often engaged by organisations that either have questions or concerns about the quality of the system and simply need an independent review to effectively motivate the development partner towards the end of a project to ensure a successful result.

Why nFocus are great at it

User Acceptance Testing is one of nFocus’ most popular and well-regarded services. We’re proud to have delivered it for a number of household brands. As a completely independent body with numerous awards for quality assurance we are ideally placed to undertake UAT on your behalf and ensure the development team deliver to your expectations – protecting your investment and reputation.

We’re enormously proud to be the only company to be named Leading Vendor by the European Software Testing Awards on two separate occasions (2016, 2019). Along with this incredible achievement, we’re multi-award winning and regularly feature in the Test Magazine’s Leading Testing Providers.

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Case Study


This case study gives real insight into how nFocus supported a company in the Sports and Leisure industry to undertake UAT for a major roll out of 60 brands all with their own website, iOS and Android app.

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What to look for when choosing a testing provider

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