Health Check

We can help improve your software testing process and quality assurance approach by reviewing the current health of your practices and providing a roadmap for immediate improvements.


Unbiased analysis


Identification of problem areas


Find your quick wins


Receive a roadmap for improvement

Establish the current state of testing

We use a consistent, scalable and fact-based review process that has been honed across hundreds of clients and includes all methodologies, including DevOps, technology stacks and across the lifecycle. It can be undertaken at project, programme or company level.

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An unbiased review that is guaranteed to give improvements

In today’s world of Agile, DevOps, Microservices, Containerisation and Orchestration, organisations are facing new challenges when assuring the quality of applications and solutions.

If you need to understand why there are quality issues slipping into live, or problems within your delivery lifecycle, then an unbiased review can help. We can identify existing strengths and weaknesses, gaps, and areas for improvement that will give an immediate boost to your organisation. Not only will we provide opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness gains, but we will also provide you a roadmap that can be worked on internally to give medium to long term improvements.

Why nFocus are great at it

Having worked with hundreds of organisations, we not only understand best practice but also how to implement this to get the most from your investment. Don’t just take our word for it – we’re multi-award winning, as well as regularly featuring in the Test Magazine’s Top 20 Leading Providers. We’re also enormously proud to be the only company to be named Leading Vendor by the European Software Testing Awards on two separate occasions (2016, 2019)! Find out how our client, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) were impacted by quality assurance and test practices.

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Case Study

SSE Health Check

Find out how nFocus delivered a detailed and meaningful set of observations, insights and recommendations to maximise efficiency, minimise risk and assure quality of the system under test.

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