Testing Microservices

Updating Quality Assurance Practices

In today’s world of Microservices, Agile, DevOps, Containers and Orchestration, the ways in which organisations need to test has dramatically changed.


Microservices have become popular in recent years with both Enterprises and SME’s alike adopting Agile and DevOps practices. Put simply, Microservices architecture is building self-contained single-function modules. The overall application then becomes a collection of services.

The pros and cons

We are finding organisations working in this way are seeing benefits and challenges in equal numbers. Services can be created, tested and scaled quickly but organisations are following similar testing practices to previous monolith architecture and as a result creating technical debt that ends up being addressed in the later stages of testing. This means organisations are spending longer at the component integration and system integration stages and keeping testing within the sprint becomes a real challenge.

nFocus’ support

Having worked with hundreds of organisations nFocus understand the pitfalls and challenges associated with testing Microservices. We have designed a set of services to help overcome the challenges and realise the benefits. This includes a Health Check to identify the practices that need to be updated along with the steps to implement these changes to quickly see improvements in quality and time savings. We can also provide testing specialists already competent in working with Microservices allowing them to hit the ground running along with mentoring the wider team on their responsibilities of quality.

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