A Special Recognition to Our Long-Serving Employees

December 5, 2023
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05/12/2023, Telford – nFocus is honouring its long-serving employees who have dedicated over a decade or more to the company’s success. As a company, we have always recognised that our continued success is as a result of the innovation and expertise of our wonderful team and we are delighted to recognise some of them here.

23 Years
Ross Lister, Founder & CEO & Danny Crone, Founder & Technical Director

Ross Lister and Danny Crone founded nFocus in 2000 and we would like to recognise that none of this would have been possible without their vision, leadership and commitment of doing right by our employees & our clients. Ross and Danny have always had the belief that we do not just want to win business for the sake of making money. We want to make a difference to our clients and so this is the energy that drives us as a company and makes us feel good about what we do. Ross and Danny have instilled this attitude throughout the company.

With a shared passion for quality assurance, they embarked on their journey in year 2000. From its modest beginnings in a small office above a garage, nFocus Testing has become a multi-award winning and industry leading testing service provider.

Their combined expertise not only filled a gap in the market but also set a new standard for software testing practices. Their early successes drew attention and soon, nFocus was in high demand.

Ross, nFocus’ first MD, adeptly navigated economic shifts, industry challenges, and tech advances. Whereas Danny actively promoted testing practices, sharing insights and his passion at numerous conferences. He also has been instrumental in fostering a community of like-minded professionals.

Their legacy goes beyond years served. It is evident in the substantial progress, steadfast stability, and unwavering resilience demonstrated by nFocus. Their journey inspires present and future nFocus leaders, showcasing the powerful effect of dedication and wisdom on a company.

The founders lead with collaborative spirit and genuine concern for employee development and well-being.

16 Years

John Qualtrough, Senior Independent Director
Since 2007, John, our Senior Independent Director, brings extensive experience, offering ongoing guidance and balanced perspective to the board. John’s focus on shareholder interests and his commitment to fostering trust have been invaluable. Recognised for his open communication and attentive listening skills, providing valuable guidance to both Ross and the entire team.

John has been an invaluable mentor to a number of the current board members and has played a significant role in their development including notably supporting our Managing Director from a graduate through to his position today.

Chris Edge, Financial Director
Whilst Chris holds the Financial Director role, it is fair to say that he wears multiple hats supporting HR, Contracts and Operations. Chris’s meticulous financial management and expertise in budgeting, forecasting, and analysis have been pivotal in the company’s success. His insights and expertise have gathered respect and recognition from peers & colleagues alike. His impact on nFocus goes beyond years served, influencing its financial stability, growth, and resilience. Chris has a fantastic reputation within the business, a calm head, supportive nature and always going the extra mile to support our team.

Rad Wadas, Technical Test Consultant
For 16 years, Rad, our Test Consultant, has been instrumental in executing projects with precision and excellence, earning a stellar reputation. Rad’s tireless work ethic and technical prowess has become a shining example within the business. Rad has not only propelled his own career but has also set a standard for excellence within the company and has mentored a number of our team. From the moment Rad joined nFocus, it was evident that he brought a unique level of determination to the workplace.

15 Years

Ryan James, Managing Director
Ryan, our MD, began his journey as a fresh graduate, driven by enthusiasm and a hunger for learning. Recognising his potential, nFocus entrusted him with various roles that ultimately led him to the position of Managing Director. His journey is a testament to the company’s dedication to nurturing talent.

Ben Beardsmore, Technical Test Consultant
Ben joined nFocus from university and has grown to become one of our most trusted Consultants. In his 15 years with the company, he has led automation projects and been responsible for the development of a number of our junior automation team members. More recently, he has been involved in the inception and implementation of our SDET Academy. He has a keen eye for the attributes needed to become a successful Test Automation Engineer and his insight are hugely valued by his colleagues.

12 Years

Gary Kingsmill, Talent Manager
If we had an MVP award,  Gary would always certainly be in the running! He oversees the recruitment processes including our Academy along with supporting the operational running of the business. He is one of the most personable people you could want to meet and works tirelessly to support our team. He cares about our people, works diligently to achieve our goals and always goes the extra mile. Gary is also a huge champion of our team and does his best to support their needs. Our SDET Academy would not be the success it has been without him and he is hugely valued by his peers.

11 Years

Michael Massiah, Senior Test Consultant
For the past 11 years, Michael’s work ethic has been nothing short of exemplary. His personable style, commitment to getting the job done and expertise in the field make him a huge asset to the company. Michael is a true Consultant and has a superb way of helping his colleagues understand what needs to be done and then leads them in getting there. Michael stands out for his proactive approach to tackling challenging projects. He doesn’t shy away from complexity; instead, he embraces it as a chance to innovate and push boundaries.

Paul Raybould, Senior Test Analyst
Paul has been a dedicated Test Senior Consultant with nFocus for over a decade. From his first assignment working into the evenings to meet a deadline, he has shown commitment helping clients deliver quality software. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to communicate and work well with cross-company teams on various projects, maintaining high standards working alone or leading others as part of a team. Paul’s commitment and years of experience have made a great asset on every project he is assigned to.

Jenny Edge, Operations
Jenny, has served nFocus for over a decade, handling accounts and assisting in the financial running of the business. She also has an active role in supporting our Junior SDETs from selection day through to being placed into our projects. She has been instrumental in rolling out timesheet and payroll innovations. She joined the company early on in its journey before taking a break and then coming back and so has seen the success & growth of the company over time.

In Summary
Reflecting on these milestones, nFocus Chairman, Ross Lister, remarked, “Our long-serving employees are the backbone of nFocus. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our vision have been instrumental in our journey thus far. We owe a great deal of our success to their hard work and passion.”

As part of the celebration, nFocus will post a special recognition for each employee when they reach their significant work anniversaries. This tribute stands as a testament to the enduring impact of dedicated employees on the success and legacy of a company. We are incredibly proud to be part of nFocus and looking forward to celebrating more milestones.