Celebrating Cohort 6 Graduates of our SDET Academy at nFocus

April 25, 2024
Celebrating Cohort 6 Graduates of our SDET Academy at nFocus
Congratulations to Cohort 6!

Just like that, another cohort of our SDET Academy has graduated and is ready for their next chapter as Junior SDETs! Cohort 6 may have completed their academy training, but their journey with nFocus is far from over.

nFocus Talent Manager Gary Kingsmill oversees the journey of our SDETs and reflecting on the completion of Cohort 6, Gary shares, If you’d have told me two years ago that by now we would have run 6 iterations of our SDET Academy, I’d have thought you’re crazy, but here we are! Cohort 6 have just finished their training, and are heading out into the big, bad world of Test Consultancy. I have no doubt that they will be a roaring success, as they are a great bunch and have Cohorts 1 to 5 as examples. All the best C6’ers!

Completing the Academy means these grads are now ready to be placed with clients. The Academy has accelerated their careers towards becoming SDETs and equipped them with the knowledge and skills to provide our award-winning testing services. As they transition from the Academy to working with clients, they remain under the tutelage of our Technical Director and Senior Testers – at nFocus, learning never stops, and expertise continues to grow.

Hearing From Our New Grads

We caught up with a couple of Cohort 6s Grads to get their insights on the process so far. Aydan Howell shares, “I enjoyed the academy as it’s helped to give me a lot of practical experience in a wide variety testing technologies, whilst getting to know the other graduate SDETs in my cohort and find solutions to coding problems along the way. I found the process a great transition from understanding programming and testing in an educational capacity at university, to a professional capacity, learning structures and methodologies that not only benefit me but future project stakeholders too. I’m looking forward to being able to apply everything I’ve learned and start working with future clients!”

Fathima Jamal-Deen reflects on her journey, noting, “Completing this program has been an invaluable journey filled with continuous learning and growth. I appreciate the supportive environment and the inclusivity at nFocus. Now that I’ve finished, I look forward to applying my newfound skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to real-world projects.”

Making an Industrywide Impact

We love to see our Grads have such positive things to say about their time with nFocus so far. We’re proud that this academy provides such a positive experience for our Grads, clients, and the industry as a whole.

As the Cohort 6 Graduates transition to working with nFocus clients, they carry with them the skills, knowledge, and determination acquired during their time in the SDET Academy. We’re confident that they will thrive in their new roles, contributing to the success of our clients. Here’s to the continued growth and success of our Graduates as they embark on this exciting new chapter!

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