Successful SDET Graduates Kick Off Onboarding Days

June 22, 2023
Successful SDET Graduates Kick Off Onboarding Days

20th – 21st June 2013, Birmingham – The successful completion of the onboarding days marks the beginning of a promising journey for our recent selection of graduate recruits. Our new recruits and the nFocus’ Academy team came together to discuss what the future looks like for their next phase of onboarding and development.

Under the guidance of experienced senior mentors, the recruits engaged in a comprehensive onboarding schedule designed to equip them ready for their six weeks intensive training program. To ensure that they have a smooth transition from academic world to the working environment, we covered several things on the checklist including familiarising themselves with the company’s policies, getting to grips with software installations, setting up their kit/logins and giving them opportunity to ask questions.

The event, held in Birmingham began with a warm welcome from the company’s Academy team who expressed their confidence in the abilities of the new SDET recruits. This was followed by an ice breaker activity which created a sense of camaraderie that will undoubtedly contribute to their professional growth. There was an opportunity for the individuals to relax, unwind and to engage in casual conversations on a personal level with their peers over an evening meal and drinks. Day two covered the training plan and objectives on where the graduates can expect to be in three, six and twelve-months’ time. Everyone had the opportunity to talk with one of nFocus team members to recap and reflect about their experience so far. Denisa Bilanin shared her thoughts on why joining our academy appealed to her: “I found the support that the Academy provided to be really interesting, it provides you with more opportunity to explore and expand your horizons. It allows me to mix programming with testing which I find really interesting.”

Equipped with a strong foundation and a supportive network, they are ready to embark on their training program. We will maintain a blended hybrid approach, visual and in-person during the process. Our Technical Director, Danny Crone expressed his excitement for the group: “What a great couple of days, it was so nice to meet such a lovely bunch of bright individuals who are keen to get started. I am so excited as I know what is in store for them, they will have a brilliant time learning loads of new skills.” Danny and the rest of the nFocus team would like to wish them all the best on their journey.