Electric Shuffle Hosts Epic Team Social

February 13, 2024
Team Social at Electric Shuffle

London, 10/02/2024 – In the heart of London, Electric Shuffle recently played host to a thrilling team social event that combined the electrifying atmosphere of shuffleboard with the camaraderie of team bonding. Located in the vibrant city center, the venue offered an unforgettable experience for our team. We were eager to unwind, compete, and have fun!

The day kicked off with teams arriving at Electric Shuffle’s modern and stylish venue. As colleagues gathered, they were ushered into the venue’s shuffleboard zones. With shuffleboard cues discs in hand and a sense of friendly competition in the air, teams eagerly took to the shuffleboard courts, ready to showcase their skills. As first-time players, everyone embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

The participants had the opportunity to compete in a series of tournaments, with a shout out to the top-performing teams. Additionally, special challenges and mini-games were included between matches, adding an extra layer of excitement and friendly rivalry to the event.

Apart from gameplay, our team indulged in a food buffet and signature cocktails, expertly crafted by Electric Shuffle’s talented bartenders. It was an ideal setting for our team to come together and connect.

As a mostly remote team, we feel these socials are extremely important to help the nFocus team bond. As we continue to grow, we want to make every colleague feel included and team socials are one great way to do this. It was lovely to see employees who’ve been with us for over a decade get to know new starters and graduates from our Academy.

Overall, the team social was a resounding success, leaving participants eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to meet up again.