Security Testing Services

We maximise efficiency through repeatable automated security testing of your web apps and infrastructure.


Build security testing into your DevOps and Agile models


Be confident that vulnerabilities are not introduced when your code changes


Accurately crawl your forms to identify components

Detecting security flaws in your system

nFocus specialise in web application security testing and vulnerability assessments to detect security flaws in your systems. By leveraging our functional automation experiences, we have a unique offering whereby we can also automate your security testing. Using our ever-evolving security scanning tools that are quickly updated as soon as new vulnerabilities are identified, we can ensure your systems are always secure. Our automated security scans can be executed in a continuous testing model so that you are not putting your systems and data at risk.

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Protect your system and brand

Any change to your systems can create security vulnerabilities. Just as functional tests need to be executed with each release, so should security tests. The risks of not doing so is extremely high but traditional security testing methodologies make this impossible. Our unique automated approach means you can be confident that your systems and data are secure.

Experts in our field

nFocus are recognised as experts in the field of test automation. We have taken this expertise and created a unique offering that enables regular execution of your security tests. We offer a testing service to build security scanning automation and execute the tests on demand. We can detect the latest security vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and web applications, even rich internet applications and multi-stage applications. Our work has led to a range of prestigious awards including being the only company to be named Leading Vendor by the European Software Testing Awards on two separate occasions (2016, 2019).

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Case Study

Paycare Security Testing

Find out how nFocus recommended an automated approach to security testing and embedded security testing into an Agile and DevOps model.

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