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We help businesses reduce the CV overload associated with non-specialist agencies by recruiting both temporary and permanent testing/project roles. nFocus are the UK’s leading dedicated software testing recruitment specialist.

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Impressive CV to interview ratio of 5:2


Speedy time to hire – typically 1 to 5 days


Reduce costs – we get it right first time


Solves geographical challenges

We can help you quickly and efficiently

As the longest established UK-owned independent testing consultancy, we have unrivalled insight in identifying the specific skills and personality traits needed to improve quality on your project. Through our specialist recruitment brand, RecruiTest, we cover the full spectrum of testing roles and the wider delivery team. We understand that quality delivery is not just about testing but encompasses roles across the whole delivery lifecycle from Developers to Programme Managers.
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Hire the right candidate, quicker!

nFocus’ recruitment service has been designed to overcome four key challenges in hiring testing and project roles. We speed up the process by only providing candidates we believe you should interview rather than every CV with a specific buzzword. We increase speed to hire by our intelligent approach identifying the right skills and personality traits for each role. We reduce costs by ensuring you hire the right person first time, saving a secondary recruitment process. We find candidates for challenging geographical locations with our large database.

Why nFocus are great at it

We have a strong track record of delivering our recruitment services including:

– We have an innovative approach to finding the right candidates – so much so we have an impressive CV to Interview ratio of 5:2.

– A speedy time to hire; on average we place interim resource within 1 to 5 days and permanent team members within 3 to 14 days.

– We’re proud that 100% of our placements have never left in their probationary period.

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