Test Data Services (GDPR)

With the introduction and enforcement of GDPR it has never been more important to ensure your test data is anonymised.


Comply with data protection and GDPR legislation


Reduce the risk of fines


Protect your personal data from breaches

Introduction of GDPR in 2018

With the introduction of GDPR in 2018, organisations are now responsible for the personal data it collects, processes and stores. Whilst data masking or anonymisation is simple in principle, scaling it in a way that maintains its validity to meet project demands can be costly and difficult. nFocus have developed an approach to anonymise test data that can be integrated with your existing systems to solve these challenges.

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Avoid fines, corrective powers and sanctions!

With the introduction of GDPR, the Information Commissioners Office are empowered to deliver huge fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual turnover, whichever is greater. They are also able to levy corrective powers and sanctions that can bring your business to a grinding halt. nFocus’ solution has been developed to meet the stringent requirements within GDPR to ensure your test data is anonymised whilst ensuring its validity to real life.

Award winning testing services

nFocus are uniquely placed to deliver test data services – not only have we been anonymising test data since our inception in 2000 but have received numerous awards for our services including Leading Vendor at the European Software Testing Awards and named in the Test Magazine’s 20 Leading Testing Providers.

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Test Data Service overview

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