Industry Experience

Software Testing for the Financial Services Sector

Our financial service practice is a large part of our business with a long list of successful projects.

Who we’ve worked with

We have deep experience of testing in the financial services sector and have delivered successful engagements for major tier one financial service organisations. Non-disclosure agreements prevent us from naming many; including three well-known high street banks, two of the largest investment banks and a renowned asset management organisation. Those we can name include Swiftcover, AXA and RDT.

Our services

We provide a range of consultancy solutions that will help transform your testing organisation. These include health checks on your testing and delivery capability, test automation, quality assurance of digital transformation projects, PTaaS performance testing, ALM, usability, UAT, cloud, Agile and DevOps, microservices, and completely outsourced testing solutions.

Valuable domain experience

We understand the nature of projects which have tight deadline and are fast paced, as well as those that require more rigour and compliance with regulatory requirements including compliance to Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and Basel 2/3 when necessary.

Our team

Our financial service consultants and delivery team have been recruited directly from financial institutions, giving them unrivalled domain expertise and business knowledge. This, coupled with our unique and specialist knowledge of tools and technologies, allows us to offer a unique proposition to our customers.

High level consultations

Whether you’ve worked with a third party before, or are considering it for the first time, one of nFocus’ high level consultation sessions can help. These sessions are designed to help us learn more about your business, technology stack, team and expertise enabling us to advise if and how we could support you.

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