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Software Testing for the Education Sector

nFocus are trusted by both universities and software providers specialising in the education space to provide outsourced testing solutions and quality assurance services.

Domain experience

Over the past five years nFocus have supported a range of university, education and technology organisations developing software for the education sector. In this time, we have quality assured large digital transformation programmes and understand the specific challenges based within the education sector.

Some of our customers

nFocus are proud to be the managed service provider for one of the largest universities in the UK. We have also advised many other universities, have worked with a government programme for education, one of the major broadcasters on their education platform, as well as multiple software providers developing and rolling out software for higher education.

High level consultations

Whether you’ve worked with a third party before, or are considering it for the first time, one of nFocus’ high level consultation sessions can help. These sessions are designed to help us learn more about your business, technology stack, team and expertise enabling us to advise if and how we could support you.

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MMU Digital Assurance

Find out how nFocus Digitally Assured MMU’s Student Journey Digital Transformation Programme.

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