October 24, 2012

On Wednesday 24 October Sam Clarke, nFocus Principal Consultant, presented at the Test Management Forum. The session was titled “ALM – an opportunity for testing to breathe life back into quality?”


“Application Lifecycle Management is increasingly seen as delivering significant benefits to a business, by enabling governance throughout the life of a business application from conception through application retirement.ALM covers more than just development of an application; it reaches into the initial business objectives and on through operational aspects including upgrades, cost of ownership and retirement. It also helps ensure that those original business outcomes are met successfully.

ALM is independent of development methodologies and scales according to the size of the project or programme. The business, small or large, needs constant reassurance that the application to be implemented will do the right job at the right price, will be of sufficient quality and delivers the anticipated return on investment and business outcomes during its lifetime.

This workshop will look at how the testing and quality assurance profession can step up to the challenges of working in this environment, by being an integral part of the governance process driving quality throughout the application lifecycle. It will cover (but is not limited to) opportunities, challenges, roles, skills, supporting infrastructure and barriers when working in this environment.